What is Veneer?

Veneer is a thin layer of wood (usually less than 3mm) that is used to cover panels made of chip boards or MDF. It is typically glued or ironed (using heat) onto the panel. These serve decorative purposes as well as protection to the wood from heat, moisture, damage and other potential threats to the actual board.

Veneer Sheets

Veneer sheets are manufactured either slicing large blocks of wood called flitches or alternatively by peeling the trunk of a tree. There are a few ways to determine the form on each veneer sheets. By adjusting the slicing angles through the tree rings, we are able to alter the appearance and pattern. Depending on the techniques used to slice the wood, the grain and texture would also be effected. The most important factor effecting the pattern is, of course, the species of tree that is used for raw material.

Veneer Wood Suppliers

At Kayreed, we supply veneer that is perfect for doors, counter-tops, cupboards and other household (or office) furniture. One of the biggest advantage of using veneer is that it’s a lot cheaper than solid wood but you will not need to sacrifice the look and style. Additionally, compared to solid wood, veneers are less likely to warp or crack under stressful conditions.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right veneer for your application, feel free to contact us.