If you’re a DIY enthusiast, your garage is probably where you keep all your tools and materials. It may also be where you work on all your projects. That’s why it’s important to have a functional and organised garage.

If you’re thinking of organising your garage in the near future, here are some tips to help you out.

Put up shelves

Shelves should be the first thing you install when you’re trying to declutter and organise your workspace. Clear out the garage before you start putting these up so that you know exactly where the best place is. Use a solid wood and make sure to secure them with a strong metal. Of course, you can get the perfect boards for shelving from Kayreed.

Stock up on containers and dividers

Do you have a problem with your different screws and nails getting mixed up? The answer is simple: separate them in containers with dividers. Separating them in this simple manner will ensure that they are always easy to locate when you need them. It may take a while to sort through it all, but it will be worth it in the end.

Install a rack

Have you ever tripped over garden tools or accidentally knocked over a shovel trying to reach your toolbox? A horizontal rack is perfect for storing items like garden rakes, shovels and brooms. By installing a rack on one wall, you’ll free up space as well as prevent clutter.

Put up a magnetic tool strip

This will organise everything from your screwdrivers to drill bits and wrenches. Simply purchase a magnetic strip (or cut one to size) and secure it to the wall beside your new shelves. You may still want a traditional toolbox if you often take your tools out of the garage. But if you only use these items in the garage or around the house, this will work well.

Having an organised and functional garage will save you time and make all your DIY projects a lot easier.

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