What is Supawood?

Supawood is commonly referred to as MDF (melamine density fibreboard).
Our Supawood boards is a mix of wood fibre, wood chips and resin that is compressed with pressure and heat.

Benefits of Supawood Boards

Due to the mix of materials used in developing and manufacturing Supawood, it is the most economically friendly alternative to the commonly used veneer boards or wooden boards.

This economically friendly board is also very low on maintenance as it does not require to be refinished for the majority of its lifespan like most wooden boards and can be easily cleaned with common household detergents.

One of the biggest advantages of Supawood is its density levels. Supawood has a medium density level which makes it easy to cut through the wooden boards without losing its structural integrity.

Supawood boards are stronger than the conventional melamine boards and are not prone to wood splitting and display no sign of woodgrain and are offered in a range of finishes and sizes.

Supawood Board Uses

Supawood Board is the ideal wooden board to use when creating shelves, cabinets, counters, shelves and other high-end furniture items because it is extremely malleable and allows for easy application of paint, varnish, sealant and veneer finishes.

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