Ply wood is an engineered wooden board product that is manufactured by gluing together layers of thin veneer sheets. The adjacent sheets are placed with their wood grains at 90 degree angles to each other. This has a number of advantages for the structural integrity of the boards including increasing strength, prevents splitting, and reduces warping. In most cases, the surface veneer layers have a higher grade and better quality than the core layers. This is due to the fact that the surface tension is the highest and can be more prone to bending. The core veneer layers serve to separate the two surface layers to combat bending stress.

The shutter ply is a range of products consisting of ply wood. They are used mostly for shuttering purposes in the construction industry. These boards serve as a temporary mould for wet concrete and is removed once the concrete has set. Furthermore, they have a variety of other uses including packaging and building coaches.

These ply wood boards usually do not have a decorative external veneer as they are not used for aesthetic purposes. However, by applying a resin film to both the surfaces, the final set concrete will have a smoother finish.

At Kayreed, we offer shutterply products in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses, and sizes.

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