What is MDF Boards?

MDF Boards (Medium-density fibreboard) is a specially engineered wood product that consists of softwood and hardwood residuals which are turned into wood fibres. These wood fibres are created by mixing wax and resin, with some heat applied and compressed together this gives us MDF Boards.

MDF Boards Prices

MDF Boards is one of the most economically friendly wooden boards as it is inexpensive to create. It is one of the cheaper options when considering solid wood pieces. MDF Boards are very malleable allowing for easier shaping; therefore making it much easier to cut the wooden boards in a preferred shape than solid wood boards. Other than being affordable, Medium-density fibreboards takes well to paint and varnish, making it the ideal board when building shelves and cupboards or any DIY activity.

Types of MDF Boards

One of the main benefits of purchasing Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) over solid wooden boards; they are less likely to respond to external factors such as heat and humidity, making them more durable. If you want a solid wood feel, veneer can be easily attached to give it that genuine wood look and feel. Browse through of extensive range of Wood Veneers.

Our MDF Boards are available in various measurements.

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