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Edging Suppliers

We at Kayreed Board and Timber are proud to provide outstanding edging products for all your furnishings needs. We supply edging in a variation of materials, dimensions and hues that can complement any design styles.

There are so many possibilities to give a new look to the room, the easiest of which is to fit a set of edgings to your original cupboards. In addition to adding a refreshing flair to your interior décor, it will give a note of distinction to increase the aesthetic.

What is Edging?

Edging is a term used commonly in the carpentry industry to describe the process of creating durable and decorative trim edges. It is used to create aesthetically pleasing trim edges for tables, cupboards etc. and is an affordable way to rejuvenate any room. 

Our edgings are greatly utilised in the commercial sector, particularly in retail spaces and office environments. Fixing an edging to your commercial space can almost instantaneously make space seem more polished and chic. Additionally, it has a variety of applications on your home cupboard fittings, including bedrooms, garages, and kitchens.

However, the biggest reason for why you should choose Kayreed is that our edging can immensely improve the aesthetics of the entire room. It will add value to your cupboards so that they seem to be more lavish than it actually is.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right edging for your application, feel free to contact us.

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