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Raw MDF Board

What is Raw MDF?

Raw MDF boards (medium density fibreboards) are engineered compressed boards manufactured by breaking down soft or hard wood into fibres using a defibrator, then combined with resin in a heating process. This product is stronger and denser than chip board, and can be used similarly to plywood as a building material.

Advantages of Raw MDF

One of the big advantages of Raw MDF is the texture of the board. It is made from fine particles to nullify majority of the surface grain. Therefore, it has the potential to produce a high quality smooth surface once painted. Additionally, raw medium density fibreboard can be easily drilled and sawed without damaging the wood surface, nor will it product a jagged edge when it’s been cut.

This type of board has a relatively high resistance to moisture, making it ideal for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. It does not easily swell, warp, or incur water damage. With a high quality veneer or foil finish, MDF boards can become a stylish investment for your home for years to come.

Raw MDF Suppliers

At Kayreed, we supply a wide range of imported Raw MDF including novowoodsupawood, and superboard.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right raw mdf for your application, feel free to contact us.

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