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Shelving Suppliers

Whether you are looking for warehouse storage shelves or a high end kitchen shelf, Kayreed has a product for you. We provide shelving solutions in three main categories: Bison edge, white shelving, and pine shelving. All three of which are wooden shelves of the highest quality.

Types of Wooden Shelving

  1. Our Bison Edge chipboard shelves are the basic entry level product with no unnecessary trimmings. They are durable and stout for robust applications. This product is perfect for situations where aesthetics is not the main concern, but resilience is significant. Such examples include storage units, warehouses and factories.

  2. As an upgrade from the plain chipboard shelves, our white shelves are covered and trimmed with white veneer. This increases the aesthetic value and serves as a protective layer to the actual board. This veneer layer makes the board more resistant to moisture, thus decreasing warping. This is a cost effective wooden shelving option that are commonly used for retail spaces and exhibitions among others.

  3. The pine shelf is a solid wood shelving solution. In comparison to the chipboards, solid wood is more sturdy and less prone to physical damage (chipping, breaking off, splitting etc.). These shelves are aesthetically pleasing and are the preferred choice for homes and offices.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right shelving for your application, feel free to contact us.

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