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Difference Between Foil and Veneer

We often get requests from clients asking us to explain the variance between foil and veneer. At first glance, the two may be indistinguishable. However, they are in fact two very different products. Whereas veneers are a natural timber product, foils are a wood substitute.


A sheet of foil is produced in order to replicate a natural woodgrain finish. At Kayreed, we offer realistic imitations of many wood types and styles, from regular furniture wood to exotic woods. Additionally, they are superior to natural woods in that they are engineered to void blemishes and imperfections that sometimes occur on natural wood.

As a photographic replica of natural wood, you are able to receive the rustic ambiance of wood furniture but at the same time have the benefits of engineered product such as improved durability and cost effectiveness.

Foil Suppliers

The foils we offer at Kayreed are guaranteed to provide the widest range of colours, textures, and brands. Whether you are doing your kitchen cupboard renovation or a retail store fitting, we will have the best choice for you!

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right foil for your application, feel free to contact us.

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